Network Security

Network Security

Network Security – and network penetration testing by extension – develops as fast as the technology it’s built on. For penetration testing services that go beyond a straightforward vulnerability scanner, you need experts in the industry.

“StraightArc” approach to network security goes above and beyond standard vulnerability analysis. With decades of combined security experience, our assessment team identifies, exploits, and documents even the most subtle of network vulnerabilities. When you’re concerned about your network security, you want the top pen-testing company to review it. It helps your organization improve the security and risk posture of the network devices or servers.

Why Do You Need a Network Penetration Test?

  • A network penetration test provides your organization with a special birds-eye view of your security framework's viability. Newer companies may not yet have a idea about their network security. On the other hand, progressively develop companies often have large, multi-faceted networks that not entirely obvious components—especially as more organizations move to cloud-based systems. Both of these situations leave the potential for catastrophic breaches. In either case, you will be made aware of security flaws before attackers can exploit them. With this incredible foresight, business pioneers will feel prepared to settle on educated choices about their enterprise’s security. In demonstrating your recently hardened security posture, your clients, partners, and investors will feel confident in your ability to protect their assets, as well.
  • When your network perimeter is attacked every day, even small external vulnerabilities can be damaging. External network penetration testing identifies vulnerabilities on infrastructure, devices and servers accessible from the internet. To fully test the perimeter, we suggest pairing the External Network Assessment with Social Engineering Assessment engagement, a common vector for modern attackers.
  • Internal network testing assesses the organization’s security from the perspective of an inside user. While this is typically seen as a disgruntled employee, it can also be compared to an attacker who has breached the external perimeter - a very common occurrence in today’s environment.

Network security with complete coverage.

Wireless Penetration Testing

Wireless devices mostly use WPA2, WEP, and EAP authentication to the network. Recently, WPA2 was found vulnerable to KRACK, the WEP password can be easily guessed with network tools. StraightArc looks for the potential vulnerabilities in the wireless network starting from the wireless LAN controller to the wireless devices..

Host Build Review

StraightArc helps different organizations to secure the host OS environment. We review the host OS for the latest security patches and the best security implementations. This service helps the organization to maintain security and patching in the host OS environments.

Network Architecture Review

Network Architecture Security Review. The objective of the network architecture security review is to identify weaknesses and gaps of existing security controls and to compare their alignment with the organization’s security objectives.

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